What I’ve learned from my own first service.

Young Kim
2 min readMay 2, 2022


I launched BeUXer.com which is helping students who are struggling with the UX design challenge for their internship. It provides simple templates and an advice session for guiding how to apply the template to their design challenge prompts.

My project started with a class —Entrepreneurial Design Class in the Interaction Design Program at the School of Visual Arts. The class gave me a go-to methodology to start my own service which is starting from my community, where I can contribute for. As a senior UX designer and a UX student, my personal interest and strength led me to make BeUXer.com.

While I was searching for my internship in the US, I did several diverse design challenges. And as I had been tackling the challenge, I could make a pretty solid methodology which made me move forward to the next round for the big tech companies and get great feedback from the interviewers. So I thought I could share my approach and method with the students who are not familiar with this challenge because they are given a relatively short time.

I tested it with my friends and acquaintance who are design students, and I got some great feedback from them. They mentioned my approach was outstanding, but they also said it might be challenging to use my method for some students who are not that fast in design skills or don’t have time to put on many commitments. It was a great wake-up call. So I added the advice session to learn the students’ strengths and situations and revise the strategy.

What was most challenging?

To be vulnerable was very challenging. Showing my product which should be paid for, and getting feedback were very tough for me, which might not be that qualified with the price. For some reasons and the legal barrier, I ended up changing it to a free version. And I felt calmer and relieved. And promoting was also challenging. As the season almost finished, finding someone who needed my service was not easy.

How will I apply this in the future — as a designer?

I want to apply this in the future to be a good mentor to younger designers and students. I want to give them inspiration, advice, or any help for getting their first UX internship. I think I need more experience to be a good mentor — to meet and learn more about students and their situations. I am looking forward to meeting new incoming students.